www.comfycopenhagen.com is owned and operated by Comfy Copenhagen ApS. 

CVR nr. 36 91 89 42 (hereafter “Comfy Copenhagen” or www.comfycopenhagen.com”)

Valhoejs Alle 190, C2
DK-2610 Roedovre
Telefon: +45 2221 0860
Email: shop@comfycopenhagen.com
CVR. nr.: 36 91 89 42

Terms and conditions of sale and purchase

The following conditions of sale and purchase are valid for all deliverances from COMFYCOPENHAGEN.COM.


1 Find the wanted item.

2 Click Add to cart.

3 type address and mobile number and accept Terms and Conditions.

4 Confirm your order.

5 Choose type deliverance.

6 Pay by Card or MobilePay (only in Denmark)

7 You automatically receive an order confirmation by mail. 


The listed prizes on www.comfycopenhagen.com are included 25% VAT and in Danish Kroner DKK or EURO. 

Prices do not include delivery charges.

Orders may be subject to local taxes and/or import duties at your own expense. All fees regarding local customs, including handling, duties and taxes, will be sent to you directly.


We accept the following payment and will only charge you once your purchase is send.

  • Dankort
  • Dankort/ VISA-Dankort
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • ViaBill (only in Denmark)
  • PayPal
  • MobilePay (only in Denmark)

No charge of fee when paying with card, ViaBill or MobilePay.

Data Security

For you to make a secure and simple purchase, comfycopenhagne.com has a SSL Certificate. Comfycopenhagen.com uses a SSl-Connection (Secure Socket Layer) – this way all data send to your computer or mobile phone is encrypted and so is Comfycopenhagen.com. When looking at the URL space at the top of the browser, you will see https:// instead of the normal “https://” plus a small icon in the shape of a padlock. This indicates your security and that all information between you and Comfycopenhagen.com are encrypted. This also means that no others can trace and transfer any information and used for unwanted purpose. This technology includes the following functions:

  • Permission – this secures your browser and makes sure all your data are send to the right computer server and making sure the server is secure.
  • Encrypting – this decodes all data so it is unreadable for everyone but the server.
  • Data integrity – this secures all data transferred between you and Comfycopenhagne.com to stay unchanged.

At comfycopenhagen.com, comfort and security are super

We treat all personal information with 100 % confidentiality and in agreement with the personal data law, and to make sure all data is Kept confidential, we never store any payment information in our database. Credit card information are sent encrypted to Nets with a SSL connection (Secure Socket Layer) via an expanded and validated SSL Certificate. An expanded validated SSL connection (Extended Validation SSL Certificate) appears in a newer browser with a green Address bar and an icon of a small locket. That is to make an extra visual confirmation of the identity and to make sure the site is well Protected. This is to give you more security and make you feel safer. comfycopenhagen.com payment system is also PCI certified. PCI-certification is a worldwide security standard developed by VISA and MasterCard.

A purchase is secured with our Verified by VISA / MasterCard 3D-secure system, to always make you feel safer when shopping at comfycopenhagen.com. the system is based on simple control processes identifying you as a unique consumer.

GLS Track & Trace

All packages can be traced via GLS-web here: Track & Trace GLS.

Freight-paid delivery

Comfycopenhagen.com offers freight-paid delivery with all purchases over 100€ in Sweden, Germany and Netherlands. 

With a purchase under 100€ the freight price for UPS Accespoint and PostNord Parcel Shop is 11€ in Germany, Sweden, and Netherlands.

Freight-paid delivery only applies for the mentioned countries.

Delivery time

  • In Denmark – 1-2 days
  • Other countries 2-7 days

During sale and holiday periods, you may expect a longer delivery time.

We deliver to the following countries:

Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Faroe Islands, France, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Greenland, Iceland, Portugal, Lithuania, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia and Czech Republic.


We absolutely follow the Forbrugeraftaleloven (consumer law) and offers a 100% full return or money back on all purchased items within 14 days of purchase. During Sale periods, the discount is already deducted from the web price. We reserve the right to reject a return (at the expense of the Consumer) if the items exceed the 14 day limit.

Privacy Policy 

We need the following informations, when you shop at comfycopenhagen.com: Name, address, phone number and mail.

We register and forward your personal information to deliver your purchase to you. Personal informations are registered by comfycopenhagen.com for 5 years and hereafter deleted.

See our privacy policy here >> 

Applicable Law 

Purchase made at the web shop comfycopenhagen.com and thereby terms are submitted by Danish law.

Company Address

Comfy Copenhagen Aps.

Valhøjs Alle 190, C2
DK-2610 Rødovre
VAT.no. 36918942
Phone: +45 22 11 08 60

Email: shop@comfycopenhagen.com

Terms and conditions of sale and purchase updated

Wednesday September 30, 2021

Standard cancellation formula

(fill out formula and return for Right of Cancellation to be valid)



Valhoejs Alle 190, C2
DK-2610 Roedovre



I hereby inform you, that I wish to use the Right of cancellation according to my purchase agreement.

Order date: -_____________________________________

Receiving date:___________________________________

Consumers name:__________________________________

Consumers address:____________________________________

Consumers signature:___________________________ Date: __________ (only when using paper)